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REFUNITE is a non-profit independent organization with the mission of reconnecting thousands of separated refugee families across the globe. Today, there are an estimated 43 million refugees and internally displaced people worldwide, a staggering percentage of which have lost family members or friends in their escape from natural disasters, political persecutions or armed conflicts.

REFUNITE was founded in 2008 by two Danish brothers, David and Christopher Mikkelsen, based on a personal journey trying to reconnect a young, Afghan refugee with his family. In their search, the two brothers discovered how existing family tracing programs were lacking in using cross-border, collaborative technology and how the process of family tracing was tied to often cumbersome procedures and paperwork.

REFUNITE set out to change the state of things by developing an online, mobile-enabled search tool that empowers refugees to take the search process into their own hands and start looking for missing family and friends.  REFUNITE does not offer physical reunification, but the search tool enables refugees too reconnect with people they have lost contact with.

The tool is accessible via a computer or any entry-level mobile phone and is free of charge. Users provide only the amount of information that they themselves find safe to share, which give them the opportunity of staying anonymous. Registering with the REFUNITE tool, users can choose to register with personal information that only their family or closest friends would recognize, e.g. birthmarks, favorite foods, or other person specific information.  

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Founders' story

Read about Christopher's and David's Journey and how they founded REFUNITE through working to help an Afghan boy reunite with his family.
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"The new mobile phone search engine enables refugees to search for their loved ones on any low cost handset, through simple text messages"
President Bill Clinton
"Allowing for refugees access to state of art technology in order to connect with and reach out to family members they have lost contact with is fundamental"
António Guterres
"Refugees United, The Social Network That's More Important Than Facebook, Goes Mobile"
Alice Korngold
"In a pioneering way the innovators of Refugees United have used modern technology to alleviate the terrible pain that separation from and uncertainty about family members bring"
Morten Kjærum
"We must strive to ensure that the technological revolution already benefitting so many also embraces those that may have been excluded and are less fortunate. Refugees United accomplishes this objective"
José María Figueres