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Working with Kenya Red Cross

Since 2011, Kenya Red Cross (KRCS) has been using the REFUNITEfamily tracing tool across Kenya to complement their traditional family tracing services. The REFUNITE free tool allows them to assist those with family tracing needs in a more efficient and effective manner for a fraction of the cost. This addition to the multitude of services that KRCS provides allows them to improve upon their services and bring greater amounts of relief to those in need.



Operations with UNHCR in East Africa

Since 2010, REFUNITE has been partnering with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) to promote the REFUNITE family tracing tool across East Africa. UNHCR promotes our tool in various UNHCR locations in Kenya and Uganda, both in refugee settlements and UNHCR branches. Through our partnership with UNHCR in these strategic locations, we are able to reach many hundreds of beneficiaries who pass through their doors everyday and who can benefit from increased access to our family tracing tool.


"The new mobile phone search engine enables refugees to search for their loved ones on any low cost handset, through simple text messages"
President Bill Clinton
"Allowing for refugees access to state of art technology in order to connect with and reach out to family members they have lost contact with is fundamental"
António Guterres
"Refugees United, The Social Network That's More Important Than Facebook, Goes Mobile"
Alice Korngold
"In a pioneering way the innovators of Refugees United have used modern technology to alleviate the terrible pain that separation from and uncertainty about family members bring"
Morten Kjærum
"We must strive to ensure that the technological revolution already benefitting so many also embraces those that may have been excluded and are less fortunate. Refugees United accomplishes this objective"
José María Figueres