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At REFUNITE we believe that the most important help is the help you choose to offer us.

REFUNITE has from the onset believed in crowd-sourcing our needs to reach not only highest impact through lowest cost, but through engaging the world around us to commit heart and action to support the cause to reunite separated families.

Following the philosophy of asking for 10 minutes rather than 10 dollars, it is our hope that we not only reunite those in search, but also cause thoughts to be awakened in those who help us push this world towards a better place.

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Our funders

REFUNITE is supported by funders committed to help us in our mission of reuniting families across the world Read more


"The new mobile phone search engine enables refugees to search for their loved ones on any low cost handset, through simple text messages"
President Bill Clinton
"Allowing for refugees access to state of art technology in order to connect with and reach out to family members they have lost contact with is fundamental"
António Guterres
"Refugees United, The Social Network That's More Important Than Facebook, Goes Mobile"
Alice Korngold
"In a pioneering way the innovators of Refugees United have used modern technology to alleviate the terrible pain that separation from and uncertainty about family members bring"
Morten Kjærum
"We must strive to ensure that the technological revolution already benefitting so many also embraces those that may have been excluded and are less fortunate. Refugees United accomplishes this objective"
José María Figueres